Title: Dark of Night

Author: Analise

Archive: Man or Demon, anywhere else, e-mail me. analise@notthatjaded.com

Spoilers: None

Rating: PG

Summary: Someone runs into a vampire late in the night.

Disclaimer: Angelus doesn't belong to me. Neither does anyone else on B:tVS or A:tS. I'm only borrowing them. They'll be returned without a scratch. I made no money off this poem and don't plan to as it was written simply for entertainment.

Author's Note: A little poem written while bored in Physics class.


dark of night

there's no light

running to get home

oh what's this?

she nearly trips

on a gnarled stump

a dark man

helps her stand

"Thank you, sir" says she

"Oh you're welcome"

says the dark man

you are to repay me

frightened now

the girl steps back

but it is too late

Angelus reaches out

grabs her by the arm


before his fangs

pierce her flesh

this is what she thinks:

"Damn stump"