Author: Diamond

Title: Methos Journals: A bit of Mystery

Rating/Warning: G

Short summary: Methos reflects on the mysteries of love.

Disclaimer: Methos, Highlander, and all things associated with it belong to Davis-Panzer Productions and I'm just borrowing them for a bit to have some fun. I'm don't make any money off of this and I don't have any either so it's no use suing me.

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A Bit of Mystery

You would think that after over five thousand years of living on this planet I would understand the mysteries of love. I myself have been in love on numerous occasions and itís never been the same twice. Different people and personalities create a different love, but thatís not saying that one is any stronger or better than any other is. It is just always going to be different, and you canít judge one love by another that you may have had in the past. Few mortals will have the time to realize this and so will end up destroying a perfectly good love because itís "just not working out". It took me around five hundred years to understand that if I remember correctly.

The problem is that to understand love, you need to understand women. No amount of time, no matter how long, will allow a man to understand the complexities involved with the heart of a woman. To be completely honest though I will also say that nothing I have seen leads me to believe that women understand their own hearts any better than we men do. I have loved a variety of women and I have watched many more, and none of them seem any more understanding of what they are feeling than we are. They tend to go through their lives making just as many mistakes and causing just as many problems for themselves as men do and in some cases more.

Take for instance the case of a friend of mine. This young lady is an all around nice girl and very attractive to men for a variety of reasons. You would think that she would have a satisfying love life and be as happy as one can be. However, she has had more than her share of problems and you can chalk just about every one of them up to love. Her heart is constantly pulling her in a variety of directions and she doesnít know which way to go or what to do. She spends her time searching for the "perfect" love and has yet to realize that such a thing does not exist. She often ends up hurting people without intending to all because she loves too much, and the person who ends up hurt the most is often her.

Women spend a lot of time trying to find their Prince Charming and they donít always realize that the story book ends before the real problems started for Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. They expect to fall head over heels in love and have everything just fall into place for them. Men are just as bad in their own ways though, donít get me wrong. They expect everything to go just as they plan when they fall in love. When it doesnít they think that love is gone and that they should find someone new because this obviously wasnít "the right person". Different, and yet they are so much the same in their views of what love should be.

Anyway, this is what I have learned of love in my time here. Love requires a lot of hard work on the part of everyone involved and like a fire it can be smothered or fanned into a fierce blaze. You can fall in love with more than one person at a time and that doesnít make it wrong because everyone is different. Love is very fragile and can be destroyed with nothing more than a careless word or deed, but it is also strong enough to withstand the test of time in some cases. Love is what makes life on this world worth living, be it friends, family, or whomever your heart belongs too. Love and women will always remain a mystery to me in many ways, but that is as it should be. For what is life without a bit of mystery?