Author: Diamond

Title: Methos Journals: The Journal

Rating/Warning: G

Short summary: Methos "finds" a Diary entry of a friend.

Disclaimer: Methos, Highlander, and all things associated with it belong to Davis-Panzer Productions. Tyc belongs to Lucasfilm Ltd. Dia however is all mine. I'm just borrowing them for a bit to have some fun. I'm don't make any money off of this and I don't have any either so it's no use suing me.

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The Journal

I found this quite by accident while searching through some files on the computer. Okay, maybe it wasnít an accident, but I can always claim it is if Dia ever finds out that I have a copy. It is part of her personal journal and I am including it in here because I like having little pieces of the mortals whose lives have touched mine. Sometimes those lives are briefer than they should be even for mortals, and it helps me to remember them when they are gone.

I lie in bed watching him sleep. I like seeing him like this, hair all tousled, a slight smile on his face, and without the lines of worry that I know are there at least partially because of me. I try not to move too much because I donít want to wake him and I know he will open his eyes at the slightest hint of something out of the ordinary. If he were to stir heíd ask me what was wrong and Iíd tell him nothing. Then he would smile and tell me to get some rest, that he would still be here when I woke up.

I want so badly to believe that he will always be here for me. He is the only one that has been in the past, the only one I still trust. Unlike everyone else I know heís never used me, ignored me, or wanted anything from me that I wasnít willing to give. Without him I would be completely alone and I know I could never live like that. There are just so many things that could happen to take him from me that I canít quite believe that he really will be here when I awaken. So I sleep for a while, then I stir and watch, just to make sure.

I have to laugh at myself knowing what heíd say to me if he knew what was going on in my mind. Heíd certainly tell me I should spend more time feeling with my heart and less time thinking with my head. The problem is that itís my heart thatís talking, my head is just supplying the words. I told him I think too much because I donít really know what to say or how to explain it to him. So instead I take his advice and lie here and just comfort myself with his nearness and watch him as he dreams. Heís here now and thatís all that matters. Sleep well and know that I love you.