Title: First Death

Author: Alexa Sorosin

Rating/Warning: G

Spoilers: Not that I can think of right off the top of my head.

Disclaimer - Mac, Joe, Methos, and Richie all belong to Panzer/Davis. Jenn is mine, as is the kíimmie.

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First Death


The girl flinched slightly; looking up as another of her kind walked into the bar. "I hate that feeling" she muttered to herself.

The man seated next to her barely even glanced at the seemingly young man who stood just inside the doorway. "Itís all right," he said, trying to reassure her, "Itís only Richie, another one of my students."

Joe, the bartender, walked over to greet his friend and assignment. "Hey Mac, scotch? He noticed a strange look on Mac's face and frowned slightly. "Uh oh...whatís wrong?"

Mac, also known as Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, nodded at the mention of the scotch and then hesitated. Well" he said, "it might be easier if Jennifer told you exactly what happened. I came in a little later in the story."

Jennifer looked at Joe as if sizing him up, wondering if he could be trusted.

"Itís okay Jenn." Mac told her. "Joe isnít one of us, but he does know a lot about our kind."

Jenn slowly nodded and then began her story.

"The day started out okay. I was working security for the Scottish Pride events, hence the kilt, when someone screamed that their purse had been taken. I looked up, saw some guy running away with the purse clutched in his hand, and I took off after him. Guns arenít allowed even for security in the SP events, so I drew the only weapon that I had on me, a sword.
I chased him into an alley where he suddenly stopped, turned, and drew the biggest sword Iíd ever seen out of his coat. I didn't have any time to think, so I just used what Mac had taught me during my lessons to defend myself, but the guy was too strong and he... he ran me through. The last thing I remember seeing before blacking out was my fencing instructor walking onto the scene and starting to fight. Then I wake up to find Mac standing over me, telling me that Iíd be okay." Jenn shrugged to signal the end of the story, and returned to her beer.

Joe looked at Mac questioningly. "So thatís it? You take this girl into your classes because sheís going to be one of you and then end up killing her killer?" He shakes his head. "Mac... you are such a boyscout."

Mac just smiled, "I know."

Suddenly Jenn looked woozy and put a hand to her forehead. "Shish, I thought you said that the buzz would go away after a while."

"It does," Richie piped in. "The only time it wonít go away easily is when thereís a very powerful immortal in the area."

"Then oneís heading this... wayyyy..." Jenn trailed off and slumped over, unconscious, as a very powerful immortal indeed walked through the door.

Adam Pierson sauntered in and noticed Jenn slipping off the barstool. He moved quickly, rushing over and catching her in his arms before anyone else had even started to react, then sinking to the floor with her. "Going after the young ones now, eh MacLeod?" he quipped as he cradled her in his lap and wondered why on earth this beautiful creature was forced to live the life of an immortal.

"No," came the snorted reply. "Jenn is one of my students in fencing classes. She just had her first death."

Adam looked up. "So, why did she pass out?"

Mac looked rather uneasy. "I donít know. She said that a powerful immortal was headed this way, then just as you walked in, she feinted."

Jenn took that moment to slowly open her eyes, and when she did, she wondered if sheíd died and gone to heaven. The face above her was so handsome. Green eyes that sparkled with gold, pale skin that was almost luminous and a smile that put all the angels to shame. "Am I dead?"

Adam smiled. "No. Just woke up from a little feint is all. You really should watch out for those powerful immortals that decide to pass through. They can play havoc with ones internal systems."

Jenn looked confused. "But, arenít you the powerful immortal I felt?"

Adam chuckled. "No, Iím just a grad student working towards my degree."

Jenn thought for a few moments. Then, unable to help herself, she reached up and gently touched Adamís face. It felt as if she were touching a live wire and everyone who was watching could see a clear blue spark of quickening pass from one to the other and back. Jenn blinked. "Methos?"

Richie started laughing, "Methos? Thatís not Methos."

"Shut up brat." Adam looked down at her with evident surprise. "How could you know? Very few people do, as you can obviously see by the kidís lack of tact

"I donít know" Jenn said, clearly worried. "I touched you and I saw people and places that were too far back for anyone to remember. Then I heard someone, a woman, say Methos and somehow I just knew it was you."

Methos grinned, "Well, at least this time I donít have to blame MacLeod for ruining my secret. However, I think I'll need to be keeping an eye on you Miss Jennifer. Iíll stop by to pick you up for dinner tomorrow night at seven. Will that work for you?"

Surprised at this turn of events Jenn stuttered, "Uh... umm... I...sure, seven will be great. Iím staying with Mac till I get a place of my own."

"Perfect. Iíll see you then." Methos stood, setting Jenn back on her feet, then swiped a beer and wandered back out into the night.

Joe laughed "Welcome to the confusing life of Immortality."