Title: I Love You

Author: Diamond

Rating: G

Summary: A Poem written for an anniversary

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I Love You


I love you.

So many things about you that I don't even know where to begin.

How do I express the joy that I feel when I see you?

How can it begin to show how I think of you all the time,

Or that being away from you makes my heart hurt.


I love you.

The soft light in your eyes when I walk into the room.

The lopsided smile that makes my stomach tie into knots.

The way your hair falls across your forehead.

The peaceful look when you're asleep and don't know I'm watching.


I love you.

Three words that mean so much, but they aren't enough.

They can't convey the feelings that I have for you.

They are inadequate to express the thoughts I have of you.

And they oftentimes seem insufficient.


I love you.

It is everything and yet is means nothing alone.

It doesn't say enough; it can never be enough.

But it was all I had and it was mine to give to whom I chose.

And I chose you.