Title: Longing for the Past

Author: Alexa Sorosin

Rating: G


Longing for the Past


Bottled up inside,

Are the words I never said,

The feelings that I hide,

The lines you never read.


You can see it in my eyes,

Read it on my face:

Trapped inside are the lies,

Of the past I cannot replace.


With memories that linger Ė

Wonít seem to go away.

Why canít I be happier?

Todayís a brand new day.


Yesterdays are over,

Even though the hurting is not.

Nothing lasts forever,

I must cherish what Iíve got.


The hurt Iím feeling now,

Wonít vanish overnight,

But someway, somehow,

Everything will be all right.


No more wishing for the past,

It wasnít meant to be.

It didnít seem to last,

So Iíve got to set it free.