Title: A Day at the Office

Author: Diamond

Rating/Warning: G, well, this part anyway

Spoilers: Well, I suppose there might be some if you haven't read the X-Wing Series, and if you haven't...shame on you!

Archive: WAAS, anyone else please ask first.

Summary: Wes gets Hobbie involved in one of his schemes while on a diplomatic mission to a newly discovered planet called Terra.

Disclaimer: Star Wars and all the things associated with it are the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. I'm simply borrowing them for a while cause they are simply too much fun not to play with. I'm not making any money off them and I promise that I'll return them in the same shape I got them in.

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Chapter One: It Starts


Wes grinned. "Come on Hobbie, it'll be fun!"

A big part of Hobbie cringed inwardly at those words. They never failed to get him into trouble and he knew for a fact that this time would be no different. As a matter of fact it'll be a lot worse. However, there was that small part of his mind that couldn't help wanting to grin back. That little voice would be the death of him one of these days. "Wes, I would like to live to see my next birthday if you don't mind."

"You worry to much, and you know that deep down inside you really want to. Besides, it’s never as bad as you think it is."

"Your right, it's usually worse than that." Hobbie had to give it one last try. He wasn't sure whether it was to try and dissuade Wes from his intended goal or to convince himself that he really didn't want to get involved in another one of his friend's schemes. "We are supposed to be on a diplomatic mission Wes. You know, touring facilities, checking out local customs, making the New Republic look good to the natives. Somehow I don't think that this idea of yours will do any of those things."

Wes's grin just got wider. "Sure it does. We're going to be touring one of those health facilities right?"

"Well, yeah…"

"And while we're doing that we will see the customs these Terrans have regarding their sick and injured isn't that right?"

Hobbie sighed. He wondered why he bothered trying anymore. Wes could talk his way around just about anything. "Yes, but your forgetting one very important thing."

"What's that?"

"Wedge and Tycho will kill us."

"Where’s your sense of adventure?" Wes's eyes twinkled in just such a way that it was obvious that he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Well, someone needs to make sure he doesn't get into to much trouble. "All right, but don't get too carried away okay?

Wes laughed and slapped him on the back as they headed back to the their rooms to get ready for the tour. "I wouldn't dream of it."

Hobbie groaned. He knew that look all to well and he couldn't help but wonder if he'd be better off taking a dive into the Sarlacc's maw rather than facing Wedge and Tycho when this was all over.

They reached the hotel they had been assigned and quickly got ready for the tour of the hospital. Hobbie glanced at his roommate and hoped that Wedge wouldn't ask about the mischievous grin that seemed to have taken up permanent residence on Wes's face. After they finished getting dressed they headed across the hall to the room that Wedge and Tycho shared, and knocked on the door.

A few moments later Tycho answered and waved them inside. "This is a first, I don't remember the last time the two of you were ready for a diplomatic function before us."

Wes jumped in before Hobbie could open his mouth. "We figured the sooner we were ready then the sooner we could get there and get this tour over with so we could check out the nightlife around here. You know, see what the culture is like on this planet and all that.

Wedge looked up from putting his boots on, took one look at Wes's face and frowned slightly. "Wes, what are you up too?"

"Up too? I'm not up to anything. It's just like I told you, I wanna get this over with so we can move onto more interesting things. That's it."

Tycho snorted softly. "Nothing is ever that simple with you Wes."

Wedge turned to look at Hobbie "Is there anything you want to tell me?"

"As far as I know it's just like Wes said, he wants to get to the tour so we can do something that actually involves something fun." Which is pretty close to the truth. Kinda.

Wedge sighed. "This is not some pleasure trip guys. I expect you two to be on your best behavior while we're here. Is that understood?"

Hobbie and Wes both nodded. "Yes Sir"

"Good, let's go then." Wedge stood and he and Tycho followed Wes and Hobbie out the door. After they had fallen a little bit behind Wedge whispered softly to Tycho. "We better keep a close eye on them while we're here."

Tycho nodded and smiled slightly. "Just another day at the office?"

Wedge shuddered at the thought of some of those *days at the office* as they reached there destination and headed inside. "I certainly hope not."