Title: And Life Goes On

Author: Diamond

Rating/Warning: PG for language

Characters: Wedge, Tycho

Spoilers: Well, I suppose there might be some if you haven't read the X-Wing Series, and if you haven't...shame on you!

Archive: WAAS, anyone else please ask first.

Summary: Tycho talks to Wedge about his conversation with Aliah

Disclaimer: Star Wars and all the things associated with it are the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. I'm simply borrowing them for a while cause they are simply too much fun not to play with. I'm not making any money off them and I promise that I'll return them in the same shape I got them in, although if you really wanted to you could let me keep Tycho. *Grins* I wouldn't mind a bit. Aliah however is my own personal muse. She just decided that George's world was more fun and who can really blame her?

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Chapter Two: Report


Wedge looked up as a tone sounded and the door to his office slid open. He wasn't surprised to see his XO walk through, a thoughtful expression on his face. Tycho was the only person who walked in on a regular basis without waiting for him to answer, and Wedge had been expecting him anyway.

"So how did it go?" Wedge asked, as he set the datapad he had been going over on his desk.

Tycho sighed and sat down on the edge of the only other chair in the room. "Well, it could have been worse I suppose."

"That good huh?" He had been somewhat relieved when Tycho had volunteered to go talk to Aliah. Since Danel had died she had changed from the fun-loving, tomboy that she had been into a virtual recluse. The few times Wedge had managed to get away from his duties to try and talk with her she had either avoided him with excuses about all the work she had to do, or been totally unresponsive to his questions about how she was doing.

Tycho nodded. "She didn't want to talk to me and she was upset that we were interfering in her life. Those weren't her exact words but the sentiment was pretty clear." He paused for a moment as he tried to remember all that had been said. "Oh yeah, she also hates herself for feeling the way she does and most likely for still being alive while Danel isn't. That is if the way she's drinking is any indication."

Wedge watched Tycho as he talked. Sounds just like you when you joined the Rebellion. I remember how hard it was to get through the wall of grief and anger that you had built around yourself. I thought we might lose you a few times before you seemed to understand that it was okay to be alive. To have survived when so many others didn't. Hell, I remember feeling that way myself after Yavin. "Survivor guilt is something we are all just a little to familiar with I think."

The frustration Tycho was feeling could be clearly heard in his voice. "But that's just it! You'd think after all we've been through we would know how to help her get through it easier!"

"We can. We just need to make sure that she knows that we're here for her. That there are people that still care and that her life didn't end when Danel's did."

"Like you, Wes, and Hobbie did for me after I joined the Rebellion..."

Wedge gave him a slight smile. "And like what Luke did for me after we destroyed the first Death Star. It's the same thing we always do when a friend loses someone. It's all we can do really, but you already knew that."

Sighing softly, Tycho nodded. "Yeah, I do know. I just don't like seeing my friends in pain."

"None of us do. Don't worry, she'll come around and start to live life again just like the rest of us have. Or as much of one as any of us have right now anyway. We'll just keep trying to make her see that it's still worth living." Wedge looked thoughtful for a moment then let out a deep sigh. "Well, I was hoping to avoid this but..."

"Something tell me I'm not going to like what you're about to suggest Wedge"

"I think you need to get Wes and Hobbie involved in this."

Tycho groaned. "I knew I wasn't going to like it."

"Aliah and Wes were close at one point. You know as well as I do that they have a lot of personality traits in common."

"Do you remember the trouble those three got into?"

"Yes, I remember quite well. The point is that he might be able help her move on."

After a moment Tycho nodded, although somewhat reluctantly, and got to his feet. "All right, I'll go talk to them and see if they have any ideas."

Wedge waited until he was almost out the door before speaking again. "Oh, by the way, I expect you to keep them out of any serious trouble so keep a close eye on them."

Tycho grunted a reply that was best not said aloud to a superior officer and headed off to find the other Rogues.