Title: In the End…

Author: Diamond

Rating/Warning: PG for language

Characters: Krycek

Spoilers: Existence.

Summery: The thoughts going through Krycek's head right before he confronted Mulder in Existence.

Disclaimer: Krycek, Mulder, and "The Truth" don't belong to me. I am simply borrowing them for a bit of fun on a boring day. They actually belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and the Fox Television Network. Please don't sue me, as I'm a broke wife of a broke collage student.

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In the End…


He thinks I'm a monster, they all do.

They have never seemed to understand that sometimes you have to compromise your morals and ethics in order to accomplish the greater good, even though they have done so themselves. It really pissed me off for a long time, but I'm used to it now. I learned a long time ago that you really can get used to anything, even murder.

For them it's easy. They see me as evil and think that it's so simple for me to just kill someone for knowing more than they should, or for putting the agenda at risk, or just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it is, now, but it wasn't always that way. It used to be difficult for me to do what needed to be done, but somebody had to do it, and that someone ended up being me.

However, there are some things though, that I never wanted to be forced into doing, like this for instance. Hell, I spent the last seven years trying to keep this from happening. Protecting him even when I knew that it would have been better in the long run to kill him and stop his incessant search for "The Truth" he was so sure was out there somewhere. He always thought that if he kept looking and digging and talking to the right people, that he would find it. I kept telling him that there was no truth, that the world wasn't black and white, but he never listened.

The worst thing is that I really do like him, and right now I wish to hell that I didn't. It would make this easier.

But it doesn't matter in the end.

In the end all that matters is that we survive, by any means necessary, even if that means killing one of the few people I respect.

I'm sorry Mulder, I wish it had never come down to this, I really do…