The Personalities of Pooh


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The Enthusiast

""Excuse me a moment, but there's something climbing up on your table," and with one loud Woraworraworraworraworra he jumped at the end of the tablecloth, pulled it to the ground, wrapped himself up in it three times, rolled to the other end of the room, and, after a terrible struggle, got his head into the daylight again and said cheerfully, "Have I won?""

Boundless energy, enthusiasm, innovation, humor, risk, and play, all at rapid speed, are Tigger's trademarks. For him life is endless fun and he thinks of it as an adventure with endless opportunities and different things to try and do. Tigger can be a flexible, imaginative problem-solver, and a great fabricator of information. He will also decisively, sometimes impulsively, jump into action faster than any other creature in the Wood, with the possible exception of Roo. Tigger tends to live in the moment. He knows there is a future, but what he is doing right this second is more important than anything else is. The eternal optimist, dealing with sadness, fear, anger, or loneliness is not something he does for long and although his feelings are easily hurt he recovers with amazing speed. Sometimes Tigger discovers that the more he explores, the less satisfied he becomes and he has a tendency to boast about his abilities only to find he has grossly overestimated them. He will barge ahead, full of false confidence and only after he has gone too far to gracefully withdraw will he realize that discretion is the better part of valor. He can seem a bit self-centered, or impulsive and careless and when challenged he may try to "charm and disarm", slipping through the cracks. He can look fearless, even though he isn't, confident in his abilities and willing to try anything, but he needs as much reassurance as anyone else does.