The Personalities of Pooh


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The Helper

"Now it happened that Kanga felt rather motherly that morning, and Wanting to Count Things - like Roo's vests, and how many pieces of soap there were left, and the two clean spots in Tigger's feeder, so she sent them out with a packet of watercress sandwiches for Roo and a packet of extract-of-malt sandwiches for Tigger, to have a nice long morning in the Forest not getting into mischief."

Kanga is your typical mother. She takes care of everyone and tends to always put his or her needs before her own. People tend to depend on her when they need something and sometimes they simply come to expect it from her. Kanga often knows what others need before they do, which often makes it hard for her to let others make and learn from their mistakes. She will almost always be the first to see the accomplishments of others no matter how small those accomplishments might be. She stresses the importance of good behavior and manners. Usually a pleasant person she will become very protective and outspoken if someone she cares about is threatened in any way. Kanga has a strong desire to be needed and might meddle, hover, and be controlling all in the name of love. Her tendency to overlook her own needs and focus on others can lead to her resenting the people she is trying to help.