The Personalities of Pooh


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The Achiever

"When Roo understood what he had to do, he was wildly excited, and cried out, "Tigger, Tigger, we're going to jump! Look at me jump, Tigger! Like flying my jumping will be! Can Tiggers do it!" And he squeaked out: "I'm coming Christopher Robin!" and he jumped - straight into the middle of the tunic. And he was going so fast that he bounced up again almost as high as where he was before - and went on bouncing and saying "Oo!" for quite a long time - and than at last he stopped and said, "Oo lovely!" And they put him on the ground. "Come on, Tigger," he called out. "It's easy.""

Everywhere that Roo goes he makes an impact. He is full of energy and enthusiasm. A bit of a show-off, he is eager to win praise from his friends for his accomplishments. He is often found to be multi-tasking and is usually very good at it. He loves to perform and never passes up the opportunity for an audience. He doesn't shy away from competition and often wants to know everything he can about his opponents. His favorite things to compete at are the things he's the best at. For Roo a tangible goal is very important and he can be left feeling aimless without one, however, when he has one he will dive right in fearlessly and become energized by the flurry of activity. Roo's courage and general lack of fear stem from an untroubled belief in his own competence and the general benevolence of the world. He can become impatient if things don't move quickly enough and often judges his worth/success according to others.