The Personalities of Pooh


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The Observer

"Owl explained about the necessary Dorsal Muscles. He had explained this to Pooh and Christopher once before, and had been waiting ever since for a chance to do it again, because it is a thing that you can easily explain twice before anyone knows what you are talking about."

Owl views life objectively, abstractly and finds wisdom to be the greatest gift. He is very wise and the creatures of the Wood often go to him for advice and counsel. Owl loves to explain things and to discover how things work. He is interested in intellectual pursuits but also in appearing more learned than he really is. Thoughtful and curious, Owl has strong opinions about most things, but is open minded about the ideas and interpretations of others when he takes the time to listen to them. While sometimes he gets right to the point, at other times, only a long explanation will do as he is a born storyteller, which sometimes makes him seem like a bore. He can look as if he is emotionally detached but usually he just needs time to think, analyze, and observe. He also needs a lot of private time to spend with his thoughts, ideas, and plans. He has a touch of dark sarcasm and wit at times, is a bit of an eccentric and can easily become preoccupied with his own thoughts and ideas to the exclusion of those around him.