The Personalities of Pooh
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It has been theorized that all the basic human character types or personalities can be found within the world of the Winnie the Pooh characters...

So basically in a fit of boredom and lunacy one afternoon my friends and I got together and decided to see how true that really was and to have a little fun. We identified the personality traits of each of the main Winnie the Pooh characters and then figured out which one best fit our favorite characters from some other universes. Are we crazy?  Well yeah, but take a peek and see what we came up with for yourself.

Each page has a description of the Pooh character's basic personality.  These personalities are based more on the "Classic Pooh" from the books by A.A. Milne rather than the Disney versions.  Below that is a brief description of the characters that we feel best fit the characteristics of that particular personality.  As with real people, some characters might fit more than one personality and might be on more than one page.  If you don't agree with where I put someone or you want to add another character then feel free to e-mail me.