The Personalities of Pooh
Christopher Robin


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The Leader

"Of course they are. And Rabbit and Kanga and all of you.  It's an Expedition.  That's what an Expedition means.  A long line of everybody.  You'd better tell the others to get ready, while I see if my gun's all right.  And we must bring Provisions."
Powerful, dynamic and persuasive, Christopher Robin is the leader of the Hundred Acre Wood.  All of the animals look up to him for guidance and direction.  He enjoys taking on challenges with a definitive goal, and looking strong and sure is important to him, as are securing basic needs and supporting his friends.  He will fight to protect those he cares about and he is very talented at getting others to follow him.   Strength, power and determination define his character.  At times he may not even question his leadership status. When Christopher feels secure he can show his emotional vulnerability and rely on others for support.  He has a tendancy of being overly blunt and not appreciating the contributions of others at times, preferring to do things his own way.